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Custom Notes For Every Purpose

Precision Press is the exclusive contract printer for custom-printed Post-it® Notes in North America. We also offer our proprietary iTSA™ Note scratch pads.

Quality and Innovation

Precision Press is a commercial printing company with a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation. Since our doors opened in 1983, our thirst for new challenges have enabled us to find better solutions for clients in a wide range of industries. Today, we are the exclusive provider of custom-printed Post-it® Notes and iTSA™ Note products for distributors across North America.

Functional Notes

From direct mail inserts and “sorry we missed you” doorhangers to appointment reminders, inventory tags and more, custom-printed Post-it® Notes can be used in countless ways to improve communications, reduce costs and streamline operations for your business.

Extreme Notes

A new water-resistant Post-it® product engineered specifically for rough surfaces and tough environments, Post-it® Extreme Notes will stick — and remove cleanly — from dozens of surfaces including lumber, concrete, stone and brick. Pads come in a custom-printed full-color cover, just the thing for farms, factories, construction or any extreme environment.

Coupons & Point of Sale

Custom-printed Post-it® Notes are a proven way to maximize the ROI of your coupons and retail point-of-sale displays. Barcoding, consecutive numbering and security features can be incorporated for even greater precision.


The one and only Post-it® Notes, with a twist. Apply vibrant color — either screen printed or four-color process to all four sides of the cube to create a high-impact marketing device that will be visible for months. Add printing to the top sheet to maximize all five sides.

Page Markers

Post-it® Notes’ repositionable adhesive and Precision Press’ high-quality printing are the perfect marriage of form and function. Custom page markers, project reminders and filing tabs have dozens of potential uses.

iTSA™ Notes

A low-cost and eco-friendly alternative to traditional scratch pads, custom-printed iTSA™ Notes are the ideal way to promote your brand in high-consumption environments like hotel rooms, hospitals and public spaces.

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