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As the exclusive contract provider of custom-printed Post-it® Notes in North America, Precision Press adds innovative design, printing and finishing techniques to the legendary materials science expertise of 3M. Since 1983, Precision Press has been the primary source of custom-printed Post-it® Notes. Only Precision Press gives you access to the full catalog of Post-it® Notes products for the types of custom-printed applications like those described here.

Want to make sure you’re working with the very best? Turn it over and see for yourself. If the Post-it® Notes logo isn’t there, it isn’t a genuine Post-it® Note product — and it isn’t from Precision Press. Ordinary “sticky notes” simply can’t compare.

Sustainable Practices

Precision Press is committed to environmental stewardship and our production of custom sticky notes is proof of that commitment. To ensure environmental sustainability, all Post-it® Notes — regardless of style or size — are recyclable. Furthermore, Post-it® Recycled Notes are made from a minimum of 30% postconsumer recycled content. iTSA™ Notes are also sustainably produced. The proprietary binding method used by Precision Press to create iTSA™ Notes has numerous environmental advantages:
  • The heavy chipboard backer is eliminated and replaced by a much lighter index backer, reducing the raw materials used for each pad.
  • The lighter weight of the backer slashes the shipping weight of each finished iTSA™ Notes pad, reducing fuel consumption and pollution in the delivery stream.
  • The heavy “gum” padding compound ordinarily used to bind note pads is also eliminated, meaning no gum strip is left behind to interfere with the recycling stream once the pad has been consumed.
  • Post-it® Extreme Notes are not recyclable.
  • Post-it® Notes are made in the USA with globally sourced materials.
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