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Coupons & Point of Sale

Coupons & Point of Sale

Simple in concept but strategic in impact, custom-printed Post-it® Notes are a powerful tool when used for coupons and retail point-of-sale displays. Few marketing tactics have the ability to reach so many customers at so little cost. Best of all, Post-it® Notes’ adhesive allows the notes to be repositionable, giving your offer staying power ensuring it will remain “front and center” with each customer to drive future purchases.

Coupons & Point of Sale

Consumer Friendly

Printers, marketing firms and ad agencies all love the simplicity of custom Post-it® Notes. Mail-in rebates, manufacturer’s coupons and other offers have never been easier to put into the hands of consumers, providing an economical way to launch products, build brands and encourage follow-up purchases.

Retail Ready​

Not just for pizza boxes anymore, custom-printed coupons on Post-it® brand stock can be used at the register and for retail displays of every type. The repositionable adhesive means they quickly move from shelf to product to fridge door and drive repeat business.

Flexible Applications

Add a chipboard backer and wall-saver tape to secure custom sticky notes to walls, windows and store shelving. Barcoding, consecutive numbering and security features can also be incorporated to vary offers by location or market.

Ready To Learn More?

Ask for the original. Ask for Custom Printed Post-it® Notes from 3M or Custom Printed iTSA™ Notes from Precision Press.

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