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It’s hard to imagine an office setting without Post-it® Notes. Unfortunately, most notes are not used to their full potential as a marketing tool. Custom printing and personalization can transform the ubiquitous sticky notes cube into a highly effective method of promoting your brand.


A Blank Canvas​

Customization isn’t limited to just the writing surface. Logos, text and full-color images can be added to all four sides of each cube as well, giving you a total of five surfaces to use for your messages.

Personalize With Ease​

Cubes can easily be personalized with the names of individuals for a special and memorable touch, just the thing for bank branches and insurance agencies that want to connect with customers 1:1 while staying within corporate branding guidelines.

Multiple Sizes and Shapes​

Custom full-color printing and personalization are available on our five most popular cube sizes. You can also specify hexagonal or triangular shapes and wooden pallet bases for added visual appeal.

Ready To Learn More?

Ask for the original. Ask for Custom Printed Post-it® Notes from 3M or Custom Printed iTSA™ Notes from Precision Press.

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