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Extreme Notes

Extreme Notes​

Post-it® Notes are famous for their versatility in the workplace. But what if your workplace is a farm, factory or construction site — someplace without the advantages of climate control and smooth, clean surfaces?

Introducing Post-it® Extreme Notes, a new Post-it® product engineered specifically for rough surfaces and tough conditions. Custom-printed Post-it® Extreme Notes from Precision Press open the door to a whole new category of applications.

Extreme Notes​

Extreme Toughness for Extreme Uses

Designed for environments requiring more grip and durability, all Post-it® Extreme Notes are made with ultra-strong Dura-Hold™ Paper and Adhesive.

Made For The Elements

Post-it® Extreme Notes are specially engineered to be water resistant and will keep sticking — and remove cleanly — in both hot and cold environments.

Nearly Any Surface

Rough surfaces? No problem. Post-it® Extreme Notes are approved for use on lumber, concrete, brick, stone, galvanized steel, ceramic tile and dozens of other surfaces.

Ready To Learn More?

Ask for the original. Ask for Custom Printed Post-it® Notes from 3M or Custom Printed iTSA™ Notes from Precision Press.

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