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iTSA™ Notes

iTSA™ Notes

When designing marketing materials to promote your company, custom-printed scratch pads offer a tangible and tactile opportunity unlike any other. Whether used for jotting down directions, writing to-do lists or taking notes while on the phone, printed pads will ensure your customers think of your brand every time pen touches paper. The challenge, however, lies in minimizing waste, weight and cost.

A Low-Cost Alternative to Traditional Scratch Pads

iTSA™ Notes are different from ordinary scratch pads because they are produced with a proprietary binding method that eliminates the padding compound and heavy chipboard backer. Each pad holds together firmly without leaving any adhesive residue “gum” behind. Removing the padding compound and chipboard backer makes iTSA™ Notes more eco-friendly and affordable while the reduced weight minimizes shipping costs and maximizes direct mail opportunities.

Precision Press can give your brand the cost-effective boost it needs with custom-printed iTSA™ Notes in a variety of colors, dimensions and sheet counts.

iTSA™ Notes

Multiple Sizes Available

With a size and sheet count for every use, iTSA™ Notes are available in 2.5×4, 3.5×8, 4×6, 5×5, 5×7 and 8×10 dimensions and both 10- and 25-sheet pads.

Countless Color Options​

Manufactured entirely in the USA, iTSA™ Notes are printed in a 4-color process with bleeds, spot colors and 1-color back printing also available.

Direct Mail Friendly

Finished iTSA™ Note pads are light enough to be inserted into a direct mail package and will deliver without the need for additional postage.

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