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Page Markers

Page Markers

Accountants, attorneys, real estate agents and other professionals depend on Post-it® Note products each day. Signature flags, page markers and sticky notes of every imaginable size and style keep critical paperwork and processes moving. However, they can also be used to engage loyal customers, share special messages and build brands.

Page Markers

Promotional Opportunities​

Highly useful with a long desk life, custom Post-it® Note signature flags make an ideal gift or promotional marketing item.

Process Improvements

Custom page markers can be created to help facilitate key projects or overcome record keeping challenges.

Countless Options​

Flags, tags and page markers can be custom-printed in virtually any color or dimension — all with the unwavering quality of Post-it® Notes.

Ready To Learn More?

Ask for the original. Ask for Custom Printed Post-it® Notes from 3M or Custom Printed iTSA™ Notes from Precision Press.

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